Website Design

We design and develop websites to suit the needs of our clients, each of our designs is unique to the client/business and portrays a logo and graphics design to match.

  • Website Design & Development
  • eCommerce Websites / Online Shops
  • User/Client Interface for Updating
  • Logo Design
  • Colour Scheme
  • Social Networking Media
  • Professional eMail interface
  • SEO A.K.A Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Names

Here at Digital Enhanced we work hard to create a strong image concept that portrays your business exactly how it should with text and graphics. Something that you and us can both relate to, which will then be shown to potentially millions of users over the world wide web.

We believe that the internet will soon to be the only way of getting the word out as a computer, tablet or mobile phone is pretty much essential in every home around the world. People are starting to leave the phone-books on the shelf, and reach for Google to search for what they need on a daily basis. This making a website a key factor for your business or idea.

We are not just here to make money, we believe in bright positive customer service. We like to get to know you personally so we can place your ideas and thoughts into your concept and design. Whilst building your project we will always keep in touch along the way to make sure you are happy with what we have built for you.

With all our designers having over 10 years experience in the trade, you can guarantee that we will work hard to make your design unique with a colour scheme and logo branding to match your business or idea. We will always portray your business with a professional image, and if required an admin user interface can be installed for you to edit some of the information yourself.

User Interface - When designing your website we like to think you have the ability to keep the pages that are important to you up-to-date, for example you have a photo gallery, blog or even as far as a products page. Well here at Vibe Designs we offer you the ability to have your own user interface to keep these different pages updated so your website always remains interesting.

Logo Design - When we design your website we don't just get you on the face on the world wide web, we create you your very own logo design (if you haven't already got a logo design). We can then take this logo design and incorporate it across your business whether you need business cards, flyers, promotions or just a website.

Colour Scheme - We look at your idea or business personally, we feel that colour schemes are an important factor to every business, so we design these schemes around what looks best for your business, taking it that extra step to make it look even more outstanding and professional.

Social Media Marketing - Social Networking are websites design to share information that personal and important to you, these sites are the most popular websites on the internet with billions of potential clientele making them a very powerful source to spread and share the word of your business or idea. We will help you get onto these sites and show you how to use them efficiently.

eCommerce - eCommerce are websites designed to sell products (for example: eBay is a eCommerce website). We can design your project so it can sell products straight from your website. You will have a user interface to tell you your latest orders and there addresses, and this interface will automatically take payments from your clients and put the money straight into your bank account. Clever? We think so.

Professional Emailing System - Something else which is becoming more popular than slice bread is eMail (this stands for electronic mail), Mail that sent over the internet. We feel it is important you incorporate a professional emailing system. For example our business email is .. It makes you look professional to have a your own business email system.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO, Also known as Search Engine Optimisation: this is quite obviously spreading your website onto the search engines that people can find you from (such as: Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves). We will help to promote your business via search engine, and try and optimise your website to come up as close to the top as possible.


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